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Summer Camp at Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan


Troop 150 has been attending summer sessions at Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan for over 35 years.  This rare gem of a campground offers hundreds of recreational and advancement opportunities.  Troop 150 typically attends either one or two week sessions in late July.  Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan is located in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.  You can learn more about it here.

General Information and Paperwork

Troop 150 will be at MaKaJaWan for two weeks again in 2020.  Most Scouts spend both weeks at camp, however they may choose to attend only one of the two weeks. Week One runs from Sunday, July 19 through Saturday July 25.  Week Two runs from Sunday, July 26 through Saturday, August 1.

Again this year, Troop 150 is going green for camp forms.  All the forms you need are online.  These forms include two fee forms, a medical form, a prescription medicine form, financial assistance (Campership) form, bus form, adult volunteer form, and high adventure survey. Please download the above forms, and hand in all payments. The medical form and copy of insurance card are due one week before we leave for camp. Please make 3 copies of both the medical form and insurance card and return to George Carpenter at one of our regular troop meetings.  The 2020 forms will be available soon.

Family Cookout

Troop 150 hosts a family cookout on Saturday evening between sessions (July 25, 2020).  Steaks, salad, baked potatoes, watermelon, and lemonade are usually featured, as well as some terrific desert items.  You'll have to let us know in advance how many family members to expect, so watch for the forms.  Scouts always eat at a reduced rate if they are attending camp.  There is a nominal fee for each attending family member.

Plan on coming up early on Saturday.  There are usually hikes, swimming, frisbee, and camp tours for everyone.  If you plan on swimming or taking a trail ride, a medical form must be presented to the camp staff.  Please, do not make plans to take Scouts out of the camp.

Contact the Troop Camp Coordinator for more information.

Camp Costs

Many Scouts will purchase craft kits, souvenirs, and snacks at the camp trading post.  During camp, the Troop operates a bank that the Scouts can check money out of (or into) during their stay.  Parents can populate this account in advance (preferred), or send the money with their sons to camp.   Most Scouts come with approximately $30-$50 depending on the length of their stay.  Some of the activities and their estimated costs are listed here:


  • White Water Rafting  $20

  • Swamp Creek Canoe Trip  $15

  • Horsemanship Merit Badge  $30

  • Trail Rides  $15

  • Archery Merit Badge arrow kit  $4

  • Shotgun tickets  $0.50

  • Shotgun Merit Badge - minimum of 24 tickets  $12

  • Rifle tickets  $0.50/25 shots

  • OA Ordeal Fee  $40

Order of the Arrow Ceremony

If you have more time and can arrive at camp well before dark on Friday, plan to attend the Order of the Arrow call out ceremony and camp fire.  Held three times each summer, this is always a spectacular event.  This year the ceremony will occur on Friday night between our two camp weeks.

Note that there is a hike to and from the fire of about a mile each way and that the ceremony will take place rain or not.  Scouts will sit with their troops, while parents and siblings will sit in a different area.  The audience is expected to remain silent during the ceremony.

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