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BSA High Adventure



Troop 150 is always excited to find opportunities for the boys to participate in high adventure activies.  These are camping and wilderness activities that take the boys' relationship with nature to the next level.


Troop 150 sponsors its own high adventure activities, (like a trip to the Boundary Waters) as well as partnering with other high adventure posts, like Philmont and Seabase.


Please enjoy a little taste of high adventure on this page - but don't forget the best way to experience high adventure is to go out and see it for yourself!

Troop 150 High Adventure Program

In 2016, Troop 150 reboot their high adventure program with Mr. Wilson.  This program is dedicated to creating at least two high adventure opportunities for boys in the Troop 150 outdoor program each year.  This will not start immediately - in 2017, there will be a single high adventure trek, but starting in 2018, there will be two treks each year, interest permitting.

The goal will be to have one high adventure trek of modest costs (<$400), and one that is more adventurous, with costs that may be as high as $1500.  This should allow for the boys to plan on using their fundraising money as a way to support their high adventure program activities, but also hopefully give them options if they are unable to provide the funds for a large program each year.

BWCA 2017

June 17, 2023

Troop 150 is taking 2 treks to the Boundary Waters!  This will be an amazing 7 day trek.  We will be working with a private outfitter, and entering out of Ely, MN.  Trek meetings have already begun, so we hope you were able to get a spot on this exciting trek!

PSR 2018

June 14, 2018

Troop 150 is going back to Philmont Scout Reservation!  This will be a 12 day trek, and not for the meek.  For those who gear up for it, it should be the adventure of a lifetime.  Reservations are due by January 26, 2017.


July 13, 2018

We will be adding a trip to a high adventure destination run out of the MKJW high adventure program.

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