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Troop 150 Privacy Policy



Last updated May 30, 2015.


Troop 150 collects for its own records and on behalf of our BSA Council (NEIC), a wide variety of personal information about you and your scout.  We take great effort to protect this information wherever possible.  We hope this privacy policy lets you understand some of the ways we work to protect your information.


1.  All scouts sign a release allowing their photos to be shared on the troop website.

2.  When scouts appear on the website, only their first names will be shown.  If you find an instance where this was not done, please contact the webmaster and he or she will correct it immediately.

3.  All personal demographic and medical information is stored in an online database that is password-protected.  We use a service called troopmaster, and therefore our data is as secure and vulnerable as their policies allow.

4.  Any demographic information available on the website is stored behind a download page that is password-protected.  This password is distributed to troop members and their families as needed, but is generally known throughout the troop and its former members.  Information on this roster may include home address, phone numbers, and email addresses.  It is not available to 3rd party webcrawlers trolling public Internet sites for personal information.


More privacy information may be forthcoming as this policy is updated in the future.

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