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Troop 150 Eagle' s Nest

Reid Wilson

October 2019

Reid's Eagle Scout project was the construction of lofted storage with a staircase leading up to it at The First Presbyterian Church of Deerfield.  The loft doubled the storage capacity of the 20x20 room.  In addition, Reid constructed two wooden storage shelf units to organize and hold the church's 100 vinyl front lawn announcement banners.  Reid led a team of volunteers in sorting through the contents of the storage room, hauling out rubbage, responsibly disposing of unwanted electronics, and creating a system of organization for the remaining items utilizing original and newly created space.

Adam Powen

March 2019

Adam's Eagle Scout project was the construction of three new picnic tables for use by the Zion Lutheran Church congregation and visitors to the Church.  He supervised a team of Scouts in the construction of these sturdy new tables, and created handicapped seating on one of the benches to make sure that they could be enjoyed and accessed by anyone wishing to use them.  The benches are currently located on the lawn outside of Zion.

Matthew Butler


For his Eagle project Matt and a team of Scouts refinished picnic tables at Deerfield Public Works.

Michael Warren

June 2016

Michael's Eagle Scout team built two "buddy benches" for local elementary schools.  These were painted and installed at playground areas designated by the school principal.  They allow for students who are looking for playmates to identify themselves and help build relationships and improve recreation.

Ian Butler

June 2016

​Ian's Eagle Scout project involved the refurbishing of twelve park benches designated by the Deerfield Park District.  These picnic tables required sanding, reconstruction, and painting to get hem back into serviceable condition.  These are being used throughout the Deerfield Park District.

Thomas Powen

June 2016

​Thomas' Eagle Scout team built a variety of bat boxes to create habitat for bats local to Deerfield.  These were installed in several designated locations where Park District staff have identified a better need for insect management.  Bat boxes attract bats to these areas, and their feeding habits help manage the pests.

David Pigg

June 2016

David's Eagle Project was the rehab of a common use kitchen area at a local church - First Presbyterian Church of Deerfield.  This colorful project used hand-painted tiling as a festive decoration to a space that was in need of repair and decoration.  This space is used by local youth groups, church staff, and a homeless shelter each week to deliver much-needed services to Deerfield and surrounding communities.

Scott Garcia

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Scott's Eagle Scout project involved building new outdoor benches for the Orphans of the Storm in Riverwoods, IL.  These benches were a welcome upgrade and should provide sturdy support for decades to come.

Jeff Haney


Jeff's Eagle Scout project involved improving the basement meeting space in the American Legion in Deerfield, IL.

Thomas Fiocchi

January 12, 2014

Thomas' Eagle Scout project was to build a permanent bird viewing house at the Heller Nature Center in Highland Park, IL.  The house had a shingled roof, gutters, seating, and windows that lowered for discreet bird viewing.

Steven Warren

November 10, 2012

Steven's Eagle Scout project benefited the Little House of Glencoe.  Buckthorn was cleared and soil was graded to shed water away from the house.  Grass seed was planted to prevent erosion of the newly graded land.  A brick pathway was added at the entrance of the house for aesthetic and practical purposes.

Drew Ryan

July 9, 2012

Drew's Eagle project benefited the Deerfield Historical Society's Historic Village.  He stripped, rebuilt and repainted an historic railroad luggage cart.

Chris Ryan

July 9, 2012

For his Eagle Scout project Chris planned, built and installed a self-guided tour of historic buildings at the Deerfield Historical Society's Historic Village.  He also added a split rail fence around the wooden wagon displayed outdoors in the Historic Village.

Greg Scarry

May 5, 2012

For his Eagle Scout project Greg worked with the Deerfield Park District to remediate a flood prone area connecting the Deerfield King's Cove neighborhood and a local park/wooded area.  He got materials donated then worked to create a path, line it, then cover it with compacted gravel to enable foot traffic to the recreational areas behind the neighborhood.

Brett Kaplan

November 5, 2011

Brett's Eagle project was to paint the exhibition gym at Highland Park High School.  He procured all necessary supplies from local hardware stores, then organized over 80 volunteers into teams to complete the painting portion of the project in one weekend.

Jordan Giacone

December 18, 2010

Jordan's Eagle project involved running a book drive and collecting furniture to refurbish a library room in a halfway house.  He designed, built, and installed bookshelves with donated lumber to house all of the collected books.  The books were screened for drug abuse and other content before being selected for placement in the library.

Timothy Angeles

December 18, 2010

Tim's Eagle project involved laying down a path at the Heller Nature Center in Highland Park, IL.

Jonathan Newcomb

October 23, 2010

Jonathan's Eagle project involved rehabilitating a Highland Park community greenhouse.  In partnership with the Highland Park Park District, Jonathan organized a group of volunteers to build a new potting table, level the greenhouse's gravel floor, and install bubble-wrap insulation to maintain proper temperatures year-round.

Clayton Weber

March 6, 2010

Christopher Falkenrath

December 5, 2009

Anthony Spagnoli

January 17, 2009

Tony's Eagle project was the restoration of the Luther House at the Deerfield Area Historical Society's historic village. The project included replacing the brick walkway in front of the house., replacing the deck on the front porch, replacing the gutters on both sides of the house, replacing some of the chinking in the back of the house, replacing the existing shutters, and installing a light fixture in the house.

Brent Iungerich

January 17, 2009

Brent's Eagle project involved the creation of a raised walkway at a local nature preserve to alleviate the formation of large muddy puddles in a high traffic area.

Josh Mintzer

December 6, 2008

Josh's Eagle project involved reforestation in Highland Park.  He and his team of Scouts worked with the Highland Park Park District to identify areas where new tree growth was needed (Sunset Park and Rosewood Beach being two of those), and planted oak tree saplings in those locations.  He also built a cold frame structure where saplings could be planted, nurtured and protected during cold weather months in anticipation of removing them to plant around Highland Park in warmer weather.

Rurik Fencl

June 7, 2008

For his Eagle project, Rory collected native prairie seeds at the Wadsworth Savanna for the Lake County Forest Preserve to use in restoring newly acquired lands.

Del Ryan

April5, 2008

Del's Eagle project was to scrape, sand and paint outdoor fitness trail equipment at Maplewood Park in Deerfield, IL.  Additionally, he obtained and spread mulch to help improve the area's appearance.

Noah Charak

October 26, 2007

Noah's Eagle project was completed through a project developed with the Lake Forest Open Lands corporation and trust.  He rectified the erosion on a 500 yard trail connecting the Ragdale Foundation and the Skokie River Nature Preserve through design implementation, drainage and redevelopment.

Robert Falkenrath

August 10, 2007

Robert McHugh

May 26, 2007

Robert's Eagle project was building a rain garden at Deerfield High School.  He worked with school administrators and teachers to build the garden as a pilot project to test its environmental impact for demonstration purposes for future students.

Brian Allman

July 21, 2006

Daniel Weinberg

January 7, 2006

Danny's Eagle project benefitted Heller Nature Center in Highland Park, IL.  He removed buckthorn and replanted the area with native plant species.

Luke Fencl

December 3, 2005

Luke's Eagle project was the removal of Japanese hedge parsley from wetland areas near Daniel Wright Woods in the Lake County Forest Preserves.

Zachary Weinberg

November 19, 2005

Zack's Eagle project benefitted Heller Nature Center.  Heller Nature Center sold honey created in their bee-keeping exhibit to help fund park improvements and projects.  During winter storage, the bee hives were being damaged by squirrels and rodents, leading to the bees having to rebuild their hives in the summer months, thereby decreasing the amount of honey produced and sold.  Zack and fellow scouts restored the maintenance building where the hives were stored over winter.  He poured a concrete floor, lined the walls with chicken wire, closed holes in the siding and roof, created a walkway to the structure and organized/cleaned the materials stored in the building, all in the hopes of protecting the hives better over the winter months.

Samuel Weinberg

November 19, 2005

Sam updated the playground at Highland Park Community Daycare School for his Eagle project. Initially, he organized a car wash at the school to raise money to refurbish the playground. Following this, he and numerous volunteers installed a new slide and steps leading to the lower playground, planted a vegetable garden, resealed the blacktop, replaced the wood chips in the upper playground and installed a new bench for the students.

Gabriel DeAngelo

November 19, 2005

Gabriel's Eagle project was the renovation and repair of a Gazebo at Ravinia Beach in Highland Park, IL.  Gabriel and his team took the roof off the gazebo to repair, replaced rotting support beams with tree trunks donated by the Highland Park Park District, replaced the rebuilt roof, and replaced rotted floor boards.  The gazebo is still in good shape and enjoyed by beach visitors.

Daniel Kaplan

September 10, 2005

Daniel's Eagle project was to design, built and install privacy fences in an affordable housing townhouse development in Highwood, IL.  Twelve years later these fences are still standing strong and serving their purpose.

Thomas Allman

June 4, 2005

Mark Gauger

March 5, 2005

Mark's Eagle project benefited Ravinia Beach in Highland Park, IL.  Mark constructed wooden and glass information kiosks with locks to be placed by the parking lot.  The kiosks were designed to hold beach, first aid, and park district information for beach and park patrons.

Derek Weber

February 5, 2005

Derek's Eagle project was to lay a flagstone path, and create flagstone steps at Ravinia Beach in Highland Park, IL.  This new path ran between the parking lot and the gazebo repaired by fellow T150 Eagle Scout Gabe DeAngelo.

Alexander Higgs

November 6, 2004

Matthew Kasriel

July 5, 2001

Matt's Eagle project involved the beautification of the Trail Tree Park Nature Walk in  Park in Deerfield, IL.  The project included trash removal, invasive vegetation mitigation, and the addition of wood chips to delineate the trail's path.

Richard Solotke

April 7, 2001

Michael Tappert

February 3, 2001

Mike's Eagle project included clearing and cutting brush and buckthorn from an almost non-existent foot path, widening the path, laying fabric on the  newly created path space and then spreading wood chips.  He and his team also built an 8 foot boardwalk across a stream.  This project benefitted the Park District of Highland Park.

Eric Hughes

January 24, 2001

Jonah Elinoff

December 2, 2000

Jonah's Eagle project involved working with a team of Scouts to clear invasive plant species at Heller Nature Center in Highland Park.

Michael Mann

March 6, 1999

Michael's Eagle project benefited Heller Nature Center in Highland Park, IL.  Michael removed buckthorn and planted dozens of trees along a main hiking trail in a reforestation bid.

Nicholas Maki

December 5, 1998

Christopher Fretland

July 11, 1998

David Haubrich

October 5, 1996

Brian Gauger

November 11, 1995

Erich Mann

August 27, 1994

Erich's Eagle project was to create a firepit and low stone wall surround with wooden seating along the interior for Heller Nature Center.

Stephen L. Laegeler

November 11, 1990

With a team of Scouts, Stephen's Eagle project renovated and expanded walking trails at the Heller Nature Center in Highland Park, IL.  The work involved removing brush, building footbridges over wet areas and laying mulch and gravel for easy walking.

Brian W. Laegeler

November 8, 1990

With the help of 20+ Scouts and other friends/volunteers, Brian's Eagle Scout project was to restore the walking trails behind Deerfield's Trinity United Church of Christ.  This included the building or restoration of several footbridges, clearing debris, and bringing in a fresh layer of woodchips.

Carl W. Schwarz

August 15, 1990

Carl's Eagle project consisted of organizing 20 scouts to canvass the entire northeast quadrant of Deerfield to determine the presence of smoke detectors in their homes.  Carl worked with Fire Chief Quinn to produce a questionnaire for the homeowners to fill out.  He then compiled the collected data and presented the Chief with the results so he could better plan future smoke detector programs.

Jacob Adams

July 6, 1988

Jacob's Eagle project was to organize and lead a children's book drive collecting books for Children's Memorial Hospital, now the Ann Lurie Children's Hospital.  His team collected over 100 new or gently used books and delivered them to the library at the hospital.

Eric C. Heard

July 28, 1988

Eric's Eagle project benefited Heller Nature Center in Highland Park, IL.  He worked on a trail improvement project that included grading, small footbridge repairs and spreading limestone gravel.

Paul F. Schwarz

February 8, 1988

With the help of his fellow scouts, Paul's Eagle project was to design a new food storage system for the Village of Deerfield's food pantry.  After determining that the supplies of basic food groups were woefully underrepresented, he organized a food drive to replenish the canned goods necessary to feed the people who were unable to provide for themselves.

Bryan H. Shuman

July 28, 1986

Allen R. Hansen

April 28, 1986

David L. Adams

March 26, 1986

David's Eagle project benefited Heller Nature Center in Highland Park, IL.  He led a group of scouts in digging out a pond to create a natural water habitat for local wildlife.

Joseph M. Schwarz

January 15, 1985

Joe's Eagle project began with a meeting with the Village of Deerfield’s Park District to coordinate how to improve a lightly used park in Colony Point.  He and 10 fellow scouts built two small footbridges, installed them along with cutting a new forest trail, then laid down wood chips to cover the newly created trail.

David J. Tidey

June 27, 1985

Joseph P. Trocola

August 16, 1984

Joseph's Eagle project benefited the Ryerson Conservation Area in Riverwoods, IL.  He and a team of fellow scouts built 30 bluebird houses to specific specifications, mounted them at Ryerson, and then monitored them to clear out the nests built by other species and ensure that they were homes for bluebirds only.  Many of these houses are still present at Ryerson today.

David S. Rosenberg

May 29, 1984

David's Eagle project involved rehabbing the Goodman Log Cabin at the Heller Nature Center in Highland Park, IL.  

David Keats

October 4, 1982

David's Eagle project was the eradication of non-native plant species at Ryerson Woods in Riverwoods, IL.

Thomas Jester

October 1, 1982

Thomas's Eagle project was at 1 Deerfield Place, a senior living community in Deerfield, IL.  He built a library and shelving for it, then filled the shelves with donated books for the seniors to read.

Richard Dahlmann

October 1, 1982

For his Eagle Scout project, Richard built barn owl boxes for Ryerson Woods in Riverwoods, IL.

Robert Palmer

November 17, 1981

Bob's Eagle project was to create walking paths in a nature area along Half Day Road in Highland Park, IL.

Mark Trendel

September 18, 1981

Mark's Eagle project was to build a path from the Girl Scout Camp Sacajawea parking lot to the fire bowl area built by fellow Eagle scout Jeff Schultz.

Jeffrey A. Schulz

May 24, 1981

Jeff's Eagle project was to build a fire bowl for Girl Scout Camp Sacajawea.

Stephen H. Wenke

August 12, 1980

Stephen's Eagle project helped local Girl Scouts reorganize and repair their camping equipment and supplies.

W. Scott Stephens

August 12, 1980

John Keith Steiger


John's Eagle Scout project was to prepare and construct firescar areas for the Westwind, Singing Trees, Portage Pass, Woodlands and Bright Clouds camp sites at Camp Sakajawea.

Steven J. Olson


For his Eagle Scout project Steven cleared Woodlands, Portage Pass and Bright Cloud camp sites at Camp Sakajawea.

John D. Taylor

January 11, 1979

For his Eagle Scout project John constructed the camp sign for Camp Sakajawea.

William L. Weller

December 9, 1978

For his Eagle Scout project William constructed the footbridge to the wilderness camping area at Camp Sakajawea.

Ralph K. Reichenbach

November 14, 1978

For his Eagle Scout project Ralph designed a footbridge to the wilderness camping area at Camp Sakajawea.

John E. Stephens


James Stiehr

January 1, 1979

For his Eagle Scout project James cleared and prepared the firescar area in the Totem Point camp site at Camp Sakajawea.

Marc R. Olson


For his Eagle Scout project Marc cleared West Wind and Singing Trees camp sites at Camp Sakajawea.

Kenneth P. Katz

March 13, 1978

William I. Neuman

June 15, 1976

Michael Mikulski

March 4, 1976

Michael's Eagle project was to build three purple martin houses for the Ryerson Forest Preserve in Riverwoods, IL.

Craig R. Roberts

Sept 15, 1975

Dean B. Schilling

January 24, 1973

William E. Swanson

May 17, 1972

Bill's Eagle project benefited our Charter Organization, Zion Lutheran Church.  He constructed a wooden fence on the northwest corner of the Zion property to prevent cars from driving into the fields owned by Zion, and beautified the area with landscaping work.

Paul D. Hampton

May 19, 1971

Douglas M. Lokken

December 29, 1970

Clark B. Adams

February 11, 1970

Craig Cooksey

June 18, 1969

Chris Anderson

October 23, 1968

Scott Hamilton

August 21, 1968

Dana Mirkin

November 15, 1967

Steven C. Dereby

September 20, 1967

Mark A. Mueller

April 20, 1966

Brothers Mark and Grant worked together on their Eagle project.  Their project benefited Zion Lutheran Church, our charter organization.  They build a pavilion on the land behind the church, cleared land to create a fire pit circle, built log seating around the fire pit, and then planted trees and bushes to landscape the area.

Grant L. Mueller

April 20, 1966

Brothers Mark and Grant worked together on their Eagle project.  Their project benefited Zion Lutheran Church, our charter organization.  They build a pavilion on the land behind the church, cleared land to create a fire pit circle, built log seating around the fire pit, and then planted trees and bushes to landscape the area.

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