The Uncampount Tradition

January 29, 2017

Every first weekend of December, T150 hosts a campout where Webelos scouts can visit the troop. This year we had a great turnout. We had gotten to the Little House of Glencoe and unpacked our bags. Then we played Super Smash Bros for Wii U and board games with each other.  We went to bed then woke up and played Super Smash Bros. Then we ate some delicious breakfast thanks to the adults. then we played even more Smash Bros. then we went outside. There we played football and capture the flag. Capture the flag was really fun. we split into teams and hid ur flags. There was a winner eventually. We went back inside and played even more Smash Bros. After that we cleared the tables and ate a great lunch, Sandwiches. We put the games back and some of us played Stratego at this point. We went outside and played capture the flag again. Most of us spent some time outside after capture the flag. All of us eventually went back inside. We waited eagerly until the pizza got there. The pizza was from Barnaby's . We ate it all and then watched the Lion King . After that we went to bed. when we woke up in the morning, we ate breakfast and then started packing up. After all of that we went home. The Uncampout is the most fun campout in the year. It is enjoyed by many of our scouts.



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