The Shooting Sports Outing was a blast!

Scouts Attending: Reid, Will, Logan, Parker, Ben, Nick, and Ted

On October 14th, seven brave T150 scouts packed their bags and hit the road for Camp Oh-Da-Ko-Ta in Burlington, Wisconsin. Immediately when we got to our campsite we set up tents and unpacked. Later that night we had a camp fire and listened to some tunes. When we woke up the next morning we made breakfasts in our patrols and then went to the Bristol Shooting Range in Bristol, Wisconsin. We went over safety guidelines and then got ear protection and eye protection. We started shooting 22 caliber rifles. Later on other people at the range with blackpowder guns let us use their guns. We got to shoot handguns which was really cool! We continued to shoot till about 3-3:30. After that we took apart the guns and cleaned them.Then we put the guns back together and put them back in cases. We thanked everybody and went back to our campsite. We got started on dinner and after that we tried to deep fry a Milano cookie....and then a grease fire started! We eventually put it out without anybody getting hurt. We had a campfire that night. We listened to the Cubs game and were delighted when they won 8-4 against the Los Angeles Dodgers. While we were sleeping there was this huge on-and-off storm that lasted at least 2 hours. When we woke up we packed up everything and ate breakfast. After that we blasted on out of there. When we got back to the church we put all the gear in the troop room and said goodbye. I got to say this trip was a bullseye.

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