Manning Battle Stations!

Scouts attending: Adam, Reid, Brent, Zack, Chris, Will, Ben, Enrique, Logan

Adults attending: Mr. Spagnoli, Mr. Powen, Mr. Wilson

The troop had a great outing up in Muskegon, Michigan. We visited the USS Silversides Museum. This was cool not only for the museum, but the troop got to spend each night in a navy ship! The first night was in a WWII submarine, the USS Silversides. The second night was spent in a Coast Guard Cutter, the McClaren.

The boys had a great time sleeping in warm bunks given that this was our first winter storm this weekend. The troop cooked out Saturday morning, and struggled mightily with 25MPH winds and temperatures that were in the low 30's. They persevered though, cooked in three patrols and managed to assemble a cold lunch.

The troop then went off to a local state park to speak to a ranger and observed many live animals in the visitor center. We then went off for a 2.5 mile hike. This was made more interesting because of a lack of trail markers and huge amounts of leaves obscuring the foot trails. For awhile the troop got off the trail. We had to alter our hiking safety rules, and began orienteering to move through open woods to get back to a trail. This was made more difficult by steep terrain, as this park was situated along a series of massive Lake Michigan Sand Dunes! After awhile, we did re-establish the trail, and the boys happily marched off to the parking lot where they consumed a well-deserved late lunch.

The boys and the leaders returned to the museum, where they debriefed on hiking preparedness, and discussed things that each boy could do next time to be more prepared. Overall, everyone felt like it was an adventure, and we hung together and had a great time and learned a lot about ourselves and the rules of safe hiking.

That night, instead of braving the winds and cooking dinner, the adult leaders decided to order some pizzas, which were quickly consumed after an hour and a half tour aboard the Silversides. We retired to the coast guard ship, played cards and had a great night, departing the next day, a bit tired, a bit windburn, but definitely flush from a great winter adventure!

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