Locked in a Room Campout (Charred Dragon's Perspective)

Scouts in attendance: Adam, Josh, George, Reid, Chris, Brent, Zach, Ethan, Benjamin, Enrique, Will

We arrived on June 24th, before the sun set. After we set up our tents and cooking areas as usual, we had a campfire at the adult's camp and ate s'mores.

The next day, breakfast was sausages and eggs. After cleanup, we waited until 9AM to go to Escape MKE for Locked in a Room. The puzzle featured riddles, locks, and secrets missed by most. Only one out of five groups succeed. Group 1 (Charred Fox Falcons) went first and ended with 40 points, while Group 2, accurately dubbed The Better Half of 150 (how modest) scored 250 points. After returning back to camp, everyone had cold cuts for lunch. We then left for strategy games at a nearby park. First, we played a couple rounds of Capture the Flag, followed by several games of mafia. Afterwards, we challenged ourselves to an obstacle course and a teamwork activity, both created by the adult leaders. For the activity, we had to carry a bucket of water with limited resources, such as rope, bungee cords, and a spoon. The obstacle course had a pair of scouts (one blindfolded) navigate through the following obstacles:

1. Over a wooden log + possible scout oath and law question (blindfolded person only)

2. To the fire pit to make a requested type of fire (blindfolded person only)

3. To a tree to tie two types of knots requested (both)

4. To a bunch of chairs. The non-blindfolded guides the blindfolded in between the chairs while both are asked a first aid question.

5. To a picnic table, where the process repeats itself twice more with two more pairs.

Afterwards, we played cards, ate dinner (bratwursts), and prepared to go to sleep.

When we woke up in the morning, we packed up our gear, participated in a rose-bud-thorn session (everyone liked the cooking but hated the mosquitoes), and said goodbye to me, since this was the last time I would see most of the other scouts.

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