Teddy's first Wilderness Survival Outing in April (New skills acquired!)

In April, T150 went on a Wilderness Survival Outing at Camp Sol R. Crown, in Trevor, WI. Attending were Teddy, Reid, Chris, Zach, Josh, Will, Truman, and Benjamin. On Saturday, the troop spent the day practicing wilderness survival skills at several stations after eating a delicious breakfast of pancakes. Over the day, the troop learned how to purify water, create fires without using matches, and build shelters. We were able to drink water from a pond, and had the choice to sleep in the shelters we made ourselves. While we were eating our hobo hamburgers (ground beef wrapped in tin foil and thrown over a fire), a blizzard started! Our campground was covered in 2 in. of snow in five minutes flat!

The next morning, we had a fun time, despite all of the hail. Because of the blizzard from last night, some dunes had formed near the campground, so we spent the rest of our campout exploring them.

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