Wilderness Survival 2016

This year's Wilderness Survival outing was held at Camp Sol R. Crown. Nine members of troop 150 and five adults came out to have a great time camping and learning about surviving in the wilderness!

The first night we set up camp in the dark and received an inch of snow during setup! Later that night the temperature dipped to 17 degrees.

The second day we spent the morning n survival patrols and rotated through three survival stations. We learned about water safety, fire building, and shelter construction. In the afternoon the survival patrols went to their campsites and gathered materials for cooking fires. They also designed their shelters and submitted for troop leader approval.

Once approved, each patrol constructed their shelter, and later built cooking fires (after games of course). We even had two boys spend the entire night out in their shelter. This during the night where we experienced rain, sleet, hail and thunder!

Troop 150 inspected four campsites and vacated Camp Crown Sunday morning, after a successful wilderness survival outing!

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