The Turkey Run Days

Scouts Present: George, Reid, Brent, Teddy, Jacob, Thomas, Adam

Adults Present: Mr. Fardoux, Mr. Wison, Mr. Powen

7 scouts and 3 adult leaders enjoyed the March campout in Turkey Run State Park. It is located in Parke County, IN. Over three hours of car rides were well rewarded when we played together in the beautiful nature and enjoyed many delectable meals afterwards. For breakfast, Reid and I cooked pancakes and sausages for everyone. Later, while waiting for Jacob and the Powen brothers to arrive, we made our own cold-cut sandwiches and played Lava Monster at the nearby park. When they arrived, we embarked on the 10 mile hike. Over the day, we encountered many rivers, cliffs, and lakes, with one of us (me) falling into one of said rivers. By the time we returned to the campsite, it was dark out. Thomas cooked burgers for our dinner, and after cleanup, we were so exhausted that everyone went straight to sleep.

This hiking definitely gave us all a workout after the long winter. Most of us who went enjoyed the hike.

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