May Iron Chef/Horseback Riding Campout

Scouts who went: George, Reid, Nick, Carl, Benjamin From May 13th to May 15th, we went to the Ed Bryant Scout Reservation for a horseback riding/cooking outing. As usual, we arrived late on the first day and pitched our tents, promptly going to sleep afterwards. The next morning, we woke up, started a quick brush fire, and cooked breakfast. On the menu were eggs with peppers and sausages sprinkled with Cajun. Afterwards, the scouts explored the surrounding cliffs. Later, we made wraps with turkey, cheese, and basil, and then head to the ranch for the horseback riding. We ran into a couple mishaps along the way (e.g. horses running into trees or off the trail) but we made it out and had fun.

Teddy's first Wilderness Survival Outing in April (New skills acquired!)

In April, T150 went on a Wilderness Survival Outing at Camp Sol R. Crown, in Trevor, WI. Attending were Teddy, Reid, Chris, Zach, Josh, Will, Truman, and Benjamin. On Saturday, the troop spent the day practicing wilderness survival skills at several stations after eating a delicious breakfast of pancakes. Over the day, the troop learned how to purify water, create fires without using matches, and build shelters. We were able to drink water from a pond, and had the choice to sleep in the shelters we made ourselves. While we were eating our hobo hamburgers (ground beef wrapped in tin foil and thrown over a fire), a blizzard started! Our campground was covered in 2 in. of snow in five minutes f

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